Texas Game Wardens are working closely with State Park Police, ... Chris also enjoyed assisting training staff at the Game Warden Training Academy, helping to teach the next generation of Game Wardens. Chris loved his family dearly including his four children Tristen (17), Colby (16), Tyler (12), and Hailey (7) along with his parents, Warren.

For the first time, Texas game wardens and state park police officers are included in the same training academy. After seven months of training, the 59th Texas game warden cadet class graduated today, with a new twist. This year marks the first time game wardens and state park police officers trained and graduated together in the same cadet class. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is building its next generation of elite state law. Washington State Game Warden Training - Once applicants have managed to successfully distinguish themselves through examinations and interviews, the next big challenge will be the three-phase training process: 720-hour Basic Law Enforcement Academy: Here new recruits will train with their fellow law enforcement officers from other city, county, and state agencies in basic law enforcement.

Here’s how one warden is connecting with youth to promote hunting. As he has done every fall since he started his work with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), Game Warden Todd Long will visit high school classrooms and lecture halls in Gregg County this fall to give students his annual pre-deer season overview.




Johnson asked that anyone in Liberty County aware of violations of the state's game laws, or anyone needing information from a game warden to contact him at 409-790-2288 or Game Warden Randy.


May 16, 2022 · Game Warden I. Austin State University and after a couple of attempts was blessed to have the opportunity to attend the 48th Game Warden Training Academy in March of 2002. In addition to the 15 weeks of basic academy training in Texas all new game wardens receive an additional 700 to 750 hours of training in topics related to wildlife and ....