Age: Must be at least 21 years of age to begin Kansas Fish and Game Warden training. Permit: A legal Kansas-issued driver’s license is needed. Military Service: Kansans that are former military will need an honest dismissal. Work Qualifications: Applicants should be eligible to be employed in the United States prior to applying.

Sergeant Chris Wilson, the Lone Star Law game warden, died at a Texas hospital last night due to complications caused by COVID-19. The sergeant spent 17 years with Texas Parks and Wildlife.





The Texas Game Warden Association (TGWA) Scholarship Committee selects recipients according to donor guidelines. The TGWA has a $1,700.00 a year scholarship payable in $850.00 per semester increments. Scholarships are available to students who maintain a 2.8 or better grade point average (GPA) each semester. APPLICATION DEADLINES are February 1. A Trinity County man posted information about a white-tailed buck he claimed to have taken on Nov. 4 that caught the eye of game wardens. A quick check revealed the individual actually purchased his hunting license the day after he claimed the kill. After monitoring the subject's Facebook page for a couple of days, and noting he had already.

Wilson also assisted the Game Warden Training Academy's training staff "helping to teach the next generation of Game Wardens," read the statement. He appeared on a 2016 episode of "Lone.

These are the new game wardens and park police, their hometowns, and the counties or parks in which they will be stationed: 59th Cadet Class James L. Adcock - Elm Mott, TX - Maverick County Gerry M. Amundson - Temple, TX - Hudspeth County Brent M. Biggs - Kerrville, TX - Zapata County Kevin C. Blackwell - Sweetwater, TX - Kent/Dickens County.