Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600. 850-488-6251. The FWC Division of Law Enforcement's 1,051 members, including 853 sworn personnel, operate in six regions throughout the state. FWC officers are responsible for uniformed patrol and ...
Becoming a Game Warden requires training and preparation. Learn about the basic steps all candidates must follow to be hired. ... Complete Training at an Approved Training Academy. Game warden cadets are typically trained in state-run law enforcement academies for a period of 3-12 months. This is generally followed by several weeks of field ...
By 1919, six game wardens enforced the regulations protecting fish and game in Texas; in the next decade, the number grew to 80. Radios were introduced in the 1930s, a revolutionary way for wardens to communicate and conduct law enforcement. Most game wardens patrolled on horseback or in personal vehicles.
NOTE: Cadets attending the Game Warden Training Academy will be required to live at the Game Warden Training Center near Hamilton, Texas, for the duration of the training period, approximately 30 weeks. All rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the Academy must be followed while in residence. An emolument will be deducted from the ...
This educational film from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department profiles the Game Wardens that protect and enforce laws in Texas state parks. The film begins with Game Wardens exchanging stories, then takes a look at the extensive training they endure and the myriad of responsibilities the officers have in enforcing hunting and fishing laws, boat safety rules, and emergency response.